Yum Yum’s Ice Cream: Best Ice Cream on the Jersey Shore!

Antoni standing in front of Yum Yum's

Name: Yum Yum’s
City: Sea Isle City, NJ
Place: 31 John F. Kennedy Blvd., Sea Isle City, NJ 08243 

***** – “Oh mamaaaaa!”
$$ – Cheap enough to double up on dessert!

Even though I love fall, this is still a pretty sad time of year. September is here and that means summer is truly over. The foot-loose and fancy-free days of straight chillin’ in tank tops and shorts are gone and a distant memory. However, we can always reminisce on ol’ times past. A favorite summer destination for those on the East Coast is the Jersey Shore. It is the place for simple beaches and wholesome summer fun. After a hot day at the beach, my favorite place to go to is “Yum Yum’s Ice Cream.” This neat little ice cream shop in the popular family beach town of Sea Isle City is the home of some delicious delights. They have around 50 flavors daily, but what sets this shop above everyone else is how they have sweet, warm Belgian waffles to accompany the ice cream.

We're ready to dig in!

We’re ready to dig in!

I always come here with a group of friends and we always share the Man-wich. The Man-wich is basically an ice cream sandwich with 4 heaping scoops of any flavor of ice cream you want, but with Belgian waffles as the bread. The Belgian waffles are made in the moment so that they come out piping-hot and just a bit crispy on the outside and soft in the inside. That first bite causes everybody to yelp “OHHHHH MAMMAAAAAAA!!!” in harmonious gratification. The smooth texture of the waffles meld perfectly with the silky ice cream. The contrast of temperatures creates a lovely sensation in every bite. The waffles are so incredibly sweet too, so it works well as neither the ice cream nor the waffles take a back seat; it’s a well-balanced team working in unison for your eating pleasure.

Antoni grinning behind the manwich


We’ve tried numerous flavors of ice cream and all are great in the Man-wich, but one flavor deserves special recognition. The Cinnamon Bun ice cream is one of the tastiest ice creams that I’ve ever had. It tastes exactly like a Cinnamon Bun and is spectacularly sweet. You must get this flavor for the Man-Wich. Pick any of your other favorites for the three other flavors, but make sure that you get the Cinnamon Bun ice cream. Hell, I’d even get 4 scoops of the Cinnamon Bun as it is really that scrumptiously good.

Antoni smiling with the empty plate

We’re card-carrying members of the “Clean Plate Club”!

“Yum-Yum’s” is exactly that: yum, yum, yummy! It unquestionably earns the ***** – “Oh mamaaaaa!” as the go-to ice cream spot on the Shore. The prices aren’t too bad either as you’re sharing something huge. The Man-wich isn’t actually on the menu, so you have to ask for it, but they’ll know what you’re talking about, don’t worry! 🙂 Everybody there is super friendly and they make it a wonderful experience. Because it’s not on the menu, there is no clear price, but it is definitely reasonable. So, “Yum-Yum’s” earns the $$ – Cheap enough to double up on dessert! rating on price, because you can actually double up on dessert with no problem! Come here in the summer or anytime for the delectable Man-wich. If you ain’t filled with glee, you got a meal on me! 🙂

Antoni smirking with an empty plate

We licked the plate clean! 🙂

Special thanks to Jeff “Sandwich Boy Gonzo” Garretson for introducing me to this place and getting us the hook-up and thanks to the whole crew for many yummy times here!


2 comments on “Yum Yum’s Ice Cream: Best Ice Cream on the Jersey Shore!

  1. emiliiiiiiiie says:

    Jajajajaaja sooooooo funny it seems to be delicious for sure….!!! Ooooohhhh mamaaaaaa !!!! 😉

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